F 1200+ system

F 1200+ drive * Powerful ventilation drive for convenient and safe automation of aluminum bottom-hung and tilt-turn windows

F 1200+ Powerful ventilation drive for aluminium turn-and-tilt and bottom-hung windows
  • Tilt and locking function plus manual turn function combined in one drive
  • Achieves the full opening width of 180 mm for all leaf heights
  • Ventilation with variable adjustment – from gap ventilation to the tilted end position
  • Safe use thanks to limitation of bottom opening width and authorised operation of the turn function
  • Excellent operating comfort thanks to non-powered, barrier-free and safe operation, variable drive positioning and user feedback
  • Proximity sensor activates the control panel when the user approaches
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  • Brightness sensor adjusts illumination of the control panel to the ambient brightness
  • Low-noise drive improves indoor comfort
  • IQ windowdrive - intelligent drive control
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The intelligent window drive offers great creative freedom even for large and heavy turn-and-tilt and bottom-hung windows: the powerful, yet very quiet drive can move the window to the desired tilted position and lock and unlock the window, so that a manual turning position can be set via the innovative operating element. The GEZE IQ box KNX makes integration into automated control concepts possible – for automated, natural ventilation solutions.

Application Areas

  • Automation of large and heavy windows for natural ventilation
  • Can be used for natural ventilation (24 V) in the façade area
  • For inward opening turn and tilt and tilt windows
  • Installation on aluminium windows
  • Leaf installation

Technical data

F 1200+ drive
Dimensions 505 x 52 x 45 mm
Housing material Aluminum
Opening width (max.) 180 mm
Opening speed ventilation 11 mm/s
Closing speed (max.) 15 mm/s
Unlocking force in turning position 500 N
Locking and unlocking force in tilted position 700 N
Panel weight (max.) 150 kg/m²
Operating voltage 24 V DC +/-10%
Current consumption 2.5 A
Power consumption 60 W
Duty rating 30 %
Number of cores 3 cores
Service temperature -5 - 70 °C
IP rating IP40
protection rating III
Adjustable opening speed (ventilation) Yes
Overload cut-off Yes
KNX ability Yes
Bottom-hung window INWARD-opening leaf installation Yes
Side-hung window INWARD-opening door leaf installation Yes


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