Levolan 120 Glass

Levolan 120 glass fixed panel attachment Sliding door fitting for 120 kg glass leafs and fixed panel attachment

Levolan 120 roller sliding fitting Slim design with integrated fitting technology
  • Sliding door fitting for glass doors up to 120 kg leaf weight and with lateral fixed panel
  • With damping on one or both sides, for doors up to 120 kg leaf weight so that the door is stopped gently and pulled autonomously into the end position
  • Small floor and side profiles create a generous clearance gauge for fixed panels and glass sliding doors
  • Fixed glass panels can be installed quickly and easily with rubber seals
  • Modular fixed panel option as an "add-on" for the basic hardware
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Application Areas

  • For design-oriented interior sliding doors for living and office areas
  • For all single- and multiple-leaf sliding doors
  • Installation to the ceiling
  • For attachment on the wall and ceiling (directly and concealed) as well as for glass installation
  • Damped on one or both sides with Levolan 120 SoftStop
  • Smooth running with Levolan 120 SoftStop makes it particularly well suited for doors in living and office spaces


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