IQ lock EL

MST 210 * Motor lock control for IQ lock EL and IQ lock EL DL

GEZE Motorschloss MST 210 Die Motorschloss Steuerung MST 210 dient zur elektrischen Ansteuerung des IQ lock EL
  • Integrated contacts (unlocked, lock cylinder, door handle, control latch) can be issued potential-free
  • Integrated emergency power buffer for safe locking in the event of fire
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Application Areas

  • IQ lock EL
  • IQ lock EL DL
  • Mounting in surface-mounted box
  • Mounting possible on mounting bracket

Technical data

MST 210
Type of installation Surface-mounted
Dimensions 140 x 140 x 79 mm
Supply voltage 12 - 24 V DC +/-15%
IP rating IP65
Contact rating 30 V / 1 A


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