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ARCOTEL Camino: State-of-the-art door systems behind historical façades

The new four-star ARCOTEL Camino hotel brings a piece of Stuttgart city history back to life and opens up extraordinary perspectives on hotel architecture in an outstanding urban location. GEZE contributed to the hotel design concept with well thought-out door systems and smoke and heat extraction solutions.

The ARCOTEL Camino: Facts and figures

  • the hotel construction is the result of a 25 million euro investment
  • 11,500 m² of usable space for staff and visitors
  • The hotel boasts the following facilities across four levels:
  • 168 rooms and suites
  • Six conference rooms
  • A wellness area
  • A restaurant and bar area

From factory housing to four-star hotel

Exterior stairway to the hotel entrance with glass sliding doors. Photo: MM Fotowerbung for GEZE GmbH

A large stairway leads to the new building’s glass sliding doors. © MM Fotowerbung / GEZE GmbH

The ARCOTEL Camino is a hotel complex that combines the historically protected substance of a classic building with modern design elements. It is the brainchild of Viennese industrial designer, artist, and architect Harald Schreiber in collaboration with the Frankfurt office of Prof. Christoph Mäckler architects. With its listed building façade dating back to 1890, the hotel is a bridge between historical architecture and the modern look that shapes Heilbronner Street today.

In the 19th century, this area of the ‘Postal Village’ provided housing for the employees of Württembergische Post and the railway, and was also the site of several communal facilities. The façades of the former bathhouse and laundry – the only part of the site not destroyed in World War II – was integrated into the new hotel’s overall complex of the new hotel, so preserving a piece of city history for the long term. The historical walls form two wings of the hotel, between which a modern new building was constructed.

Door systems by GEZE – in line with the hotel design

Exterior stairway to the hotel entrance with glass sliding doors. Photo: GEZE GmbH

Modern design in a historical façade: Elegant door systems from GEZE.

The symbolism of adding the name ‘Camino’ – a reference to the legendary Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route – only becomes clear to guests when they enter the bright and modern lobby. At various points throughout, the designer hotel subtly features well-considered and interesting facts about the Camino de Santiago and the history of Stuttgart.

The ARCOTEL Camino is designed as a place for guests to rest and relax, and as a meeting point. Light and transparency play a key role in this concept – and the steel tubing framed doors with TS 5000 series door closers, with their uniform GEZE design line, integrate seamlessly into the harmonious look of the building .

TS 5000: Safety for self-closing doors

GEZE TS 5000 door closers ensure comfort and safety for door systems that are required to close in a controlled way, either all the time or in the event of a fire. The power supply, smoke switch, and electric hold-open device are fully integrated as additional door components in a compact and elegant guide rail over the door closer . The GEZE TS 5000 series offers a seamless selection of door closer solutions for a wide variety of door systems and requirements in both public and private applications.

Smart: Automatic door system in escape route design

The sliding doors provide easy access. Photo: MM Fotowerbung for GEZE GmbH

Simple and safe access thanks to the Slimdrive SL.

The main entrance to the rear of the building complex was fitted with a large automatic linear sliding door with the GEZE Slimdrive SL-FR drive. With a height of just 7 cm, the powerful drive system elegantly integrates into the tall window strips, which taper at the top, and moves the heavy door leaves easily and quietly.

The Slimdrive SL-FR variation is especially well suited for use in escape and rescue routes, since all the safety-relevant components of the door system – such as the drive or control – are duplicated. During an emergency, the door will continue to open automatically up to 30 times, even if the power fails. The GEZE Slimdrive SL-FR DIN 18650 is of course type-tested and certified.

Fire protection and smoke and heat extraction with excellent comfort levels

An impressive floating glass walkway leads hotel guests to their rooms, whose doors are all equipped with GEZE TS 5000 door closers. Type TS 5000 R and TS 5000 R-ISM overhead door closer systems with closing sequence control secure the single or double leaf fire and smoke protection doors the levels where guests have their accommodation. Both systems are equipped with an electromechanical hold-open device and integrated smoke switch control unit. In the event of a fire, the smoke switch is activated and the door closes automatically. The door can be set to any hold-open angle with variable adjustment, and positions can also be overridden to ensure maximum opening of the door leaf in the event of danger.

Windows in the escape stairwells are equipped with smoke and heat extraction (SHE) systems from GEZE's comprehensive range of solutions. These ensure fast smoke and heat extraction in the event of a fire and provide effective ventilation in everyday use.

Customised door and safety solutions by GEZE

GEZE door solutions ensure ease of access, safety and functionality perfectly adapted to specific local conditions and in compliance with applicable standards – just another feature that makes the ARCOTEL Camino such an excellent example of combining historical and modern architecture with all design and technical possibilities this offers.

GEZE products at the Arcotel Camino, Stuttgart

  • Various door closers from the TS 5000 series
  • GEZE Slimdrive SL-FR drive
  • Smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA)
  • TS 5000 R and TS 5000 R-ISM overhead door closer systems